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Forms Advisor™ is an online software program that identifies which C.A.R. Standard Forms you need for your transaction. In addition, this rules-based tool creates the transaction in zipForm® Plus with the recommended forms, reducing the time spent on creating a transaction. Forms Advisor™ includes C.A.R. Forms Tutor®, which provides a choice of audio or text instructions for completing the forms, including a legal Q&A component. These zipForm features offer users a total solution for forms training and correct form usage instruction. Both Forms Advisor™ and Forms Tutor® are FREE C.A.R. member benefits.

Using Forms Advisor™ is easy. The user enters transaction information into Forms Advisor™, such as the type of transaction (residential, multi-unit, probate, etc.), which party the agent represents, and other transaction-specific information. Forms Advisor™ directs the user to the relevant forms for that specific transaction. The process is fast and simple to use.

Forms Advisor™ is a great risk management tool for REALTORS® as it offers the user direction, instruction and legal information specific to a transaction. Forms Advisor™ integrates seamlessly with zipForm® Plus and is also accessible via zipForm® Standard and at To access, click the “Access Forms Advisor™ Now!” link below.


Forms Tutor® is the free advanced electronic training tool from C.A.R. that has been completely redesigned to make it easier than ever to help REALTORS® better understand the forms they’re using to complete their transactions. This helpful member benefit is a live, interactive guide that is accessible from inside the zipForm® Plus platform and on to provide REALTORS® with the help they need while working on the forms.

Have a question about a specific form? Forms Tutor® explains the most highly utilized standard forms clause-by-clause, with audio and text instructions for superior ease of learning. To launch Forms Tutor® look for it inside the help button in zipForm® Plus and then click the icons placed throughout the forms to gain immediate insight about that form’s function.

Find more information about Forms Advisor® and Forms Tutor® by reading the FAQs.