It is Not Too Late to Influence Congress on Tax Reform

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Thanks to our members’ engagement, REALTORS have helped positively influence tax reform in some key areas.  For example, both the House and Senate have agreed to maintain deductibility of state and local property taxes up to $10,000, and to maintain Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges in their present form for real estate investments.

BUT OUR WORK IS NOT DONE.  We still have an opportunity to influence Congress to help make the tax reform bill more favorable to homeowners and consumers.  Now that both the House and Senate have passed The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, a Conference Committee will begin to address the differences between the two bills. Important improvements in the legislation are possible by encouraging Congress to maintain the current law for the mortgage interest deduction and capital gains exclusion.  Retaining current law makes the bill more favorable to homeownership.

Take action to tell Congress to protect middle-class homeowners.
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2017 Housing Market Forecast

2017 Housing Market Forecast with Vice President and C.A.R. Chief Economist Leslie Appleton-Young


Want to know where the Monterey County real estate market is headed and what it means to you? Will home values continue to appreciate? View the slides from Leslie’s annual housing update to view the latest trends and learn how your market is impacted. Thank you to our members who attended the MCAR annual membership meeting at Corral de Tierra.

Housing-Related Issues:

  • Understanding the current housing market
  • Distressed market update
  • Local market conditions
  • Going forward…improvements on the horizon

DocuSign Confirms Hack

Ever digitally signed a document? Then there’s a good chance that you’ve used or at least heard of DocuSign. For a decade and half, it’s been among the world leaders in digitizing tasks that historically required putting pen to paper.

DocuSign’s business is one built around trust. Which is why it’s so worrying to see the company reporting a breach of one of its systems.

In an update on its website, DocuSign reported an uptick in targeted spam campaigns abusing the company’s branding. An investigation was launched, and it was determined that hackers had “gained temporary access to a separate, non-core system that allows us to communicate service-related announcements to users via email.”

At first glance, the damage appears relatively minimal. DocuSign noted that no names, addresses, social security numbers, or payment data was accessed. So what did the attackers get their hands on? Email addresses — possibly more than 100 million.

That might not seems like a very big deal at first glance. There have, after all, been so many massive leaks in recent history that there’s a very good chance most of the addresses in DocuSign’s database were already leaked from other sources. They may also have appeared in that spam database that contained 1.4 billion emails.

The problem now is that cybercriminals have a way to refine their attacks against a large group of people. People who do business online. People who exchange contract documents and complete transaction processes digitally. In short, the kind of people who cybercriminals love to spearphish.

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